The Global Brazilian Citizen School

Welcome to Escola Eleva, a premium international school in Brazil, proudly leading the way in high-quality modern education anchored in traditional values. We educate students aged 2 to 19 across four spacious campuses, each offering a bilingual academic environment that enables our learners to exceed their goals, live as successful, well-rounded individuals, and positively contribute to the world by acting as global citizens.

Two of our school campuses are in Rio De Janeiro, another is in the heart of Pernambuco, and our fourth campus serves the Brasília area. Across all sites, Escola Eleva students attend nurturing schools committed to academic excellence and proud to celebrate the diversity of Brazilian culture. 

Our highly-qualified educators are dedicated to each and every child and ensure they receive the best possible opportunities to achieve their full potential while at school and beyond graduation. Internationally-recognised IB-accredited qualifications, exciting extra-curricular activities, and an invaluable life skills programme place our children in a prime position to thrive.

Students learn in cutting-edge facilities and access resources that offer outstanding modern technology to support STEAM, Sports, Humanities, and Arts classes. Additionally, each learner receives excellent pastoral care and advice from specialist University Counsellors over an extended period, aiming to provide the support they need to proceed to the best universities and opportunities in the world.


Our Distinctness:

a melhor escola do rio de janeiro

An Inspired School

Premium education group

Escola Eleva is part of the Inspired Education Group, a global family of premium schools that offers innovative and challenging academic, arts, and international sports programmes to more than 70,000+ students across 23 countries. 

Eleva students benefit from the best practices in modern education sourced from around the world and delivered by the Group’s distinguished education professionals. Inspired strives to uphold the integrity of the programmes while ensuring high-quality teaching is maintained in over 80 schools on 5 continents. 

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"Arriving at Escola Eleva is to feel at my second home. Every day I'm lucky to bring my children to school and see the students being welcomed with a warm welcome, from the little ones to the older ones. Seeing them being welcomed with such love fills my heart! The school has given us peace of mind and brought us hope, one more reason to keep believing that english and social-emotional care are the most important tools for future generations and globalization"

— Alexia, Escola Eleva Recife mother

"How can we prepare our children for adulthood and the job market of 2040? Faced with this unpredictability and the complexity of daily school life, seeing that our children have space to be protagonists in their learning processes, with the school as a partner of the family, makes us happy and satisfied. Seeing them learning how to solve problems, applying knowledge, especially on their way to becoming well prepared citizens, is an incredible journey. Therefore, being part of the Eleva Family is a great satisfaction for all of us here"

— Roberta, Eleva Botafogo mother

" I am very happy to see the educational revolution promoted by Escola Eleva! I believe that respecting the individuality of each student is fundamental for the full development of our children. Despite the enormous challenge, I see that the school is able to have an accurate look at the disabilities of each student and, more importantly, help to show them the way to overcome their challenges"

— Gistavo, Eleva Brasília father

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