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We are a premium international school offering high-quality education to learners in Kindergarten to High School, all of whom are taught in welcoming, well-equipped facilities across four campuses. Escola Eleva is a truly multicultural community, providing national and internationally-recognised curriculums in lessons delivered in Portuguese and English. We are proud to be a Brazilian School and cater to our vibrant community's academic and socio-emotional needs. 

We believe that students enjoy the process of studying when adequately supported. We encourage engagement by supporting a disciplined yet immersive approach to modern learning and aim to facilitate student-centred active participation. Our highly experienced educators offer a customised education that follows a project-based methodology. Learners explore themes within a subject area while integrating knowledge via a cross-curricular approach. 

Integrating international best practices in teaching and learning across academics, sports and art, our School cultivates academic excellence and the development of life intelligence. 
As a globally aware School, our first-class education also fosters a socially-conscious perception of the external environment to prepare the next generation of citizens for an ever-evolving world.

To schedule a visit to the School, please access the link below and select a day and time that suits you.




Recife: Nursery (15 months completed until 31/03/2023) through Grade 8*
Brasília: Nursery (3 years completed until 31/03/2023) through Grade 8*
Botafogo: Nursery (3 years completed until 31/03/2023) through to Grade 12th
Barra: Nursery (3 years completed until 31/03/2023) through Grade 11*

* In the coming years, we aim to extend our provision to provide 12th-grade education (3rd year of High School).

Candidates applying for admission to Kindergarten, Preschool, or the 1st grade of Lower School, are subject to the following cut-off dates:

Kindergarten 1: 15 months by January 31st of the school year.
Kindergarten 2: 2 years old by March 31st of the school year.
Preschool 3: 3 years old by March 31st of the school year.
Preschool 4: 4 years old by March 31st of the school year.
Preschool 5: 5 years old by March 31st of the school year.
1st grade: 6 years old by March 31st of the school year.

As a prerequisite, students who wish to enter the 2nd year of Lower School must have attended the 1st year of Lower School to gain admittance. 

The first step in the admissions process is to fill out the Admission Form online, which can be found on our website.

After completing the form, families will be invited to join a campus tour and may attend a presentation of the pedagogical proposal at the unit of interest. 
Please note, the School will contact parents and guardians upon receipt of the Admission Form in the order of submission. Campus visits are optional. 

The third step of the process is an admission test, in which the School will test English, Portuguese and Mathematics skills. Admissions testing only applies to candidates who wish to join Grade 4 and above.

The fourth step of the admissions process is the family interview, offering the School an opportunity to meet the candidate and their families and learn more about the child’s needs. We recommend that applicants from Middle School onwards participate in this step and attend the interview with their families.

As an additional requirement, a re-classification exam must be completed by applicants who wish to join their current grade and are transferring from either:
A) an international school 
B) an institution with a different academic calendar 

The re-classification examination is a compulsory prerequisite for the Secretaria de Educação to ensure new students have the skills necessary for a successful same-grade transition.

Our team is happy to talk to your family about the provision offered by the school and looks forward to answering any questions you may have.

The Admissions team can be contacted at your convenience using the e-mail or WhatsApp details below. 


admissoes.barra@escolaeleva.com.br e (21) 97198-5963

admissoes.brasilia@escolaeleva.com.br e (61) 99845-1188

admissoes.recife@escolaeleva.com.br e (81) 98299-7620

After regular school hours, students can enrol in after-school classes in the arts, technology, science, sports, additional languages, and other interests, such as cinema and photography. Access the links below today, and discover the activities provision offered at each unit.


At our international school, the obligatory use of the complete uniform is a way to reinforce our identity. Additionally, wearing a school uniform facilitates the identification and supervision of students, positively contributing to the safety of our community.

In Kindergarten and Lower School, the complete uniform, including sweaters, is mandatory.

In Middle and High School, the school sweater may be worn with shorts and a P.E. shirt (on days when P.E lessons are scheduled) as a mandatory requirement. 
The rest of the school uniform must adhere to the following guidelines:

Bottom: plain leggings; pants; sweatpants/shorts or cyclist shorts in grey, navy or black.

Sweaters: plain grey, navy or black options are allowed and must not cover school uniform bottoms.

See here the uniform handbook for Eleva Botafogo and Barra 
See here the uniform handbook for Eleva Recife
See here the uniform manual of the Eleva Brasília

Important information: 

  • Lower, Middle and High School students may wear a shirt of any colour as part of their schoolwear from the options suggested in the Uniform Handbook, except in P.E. lessons, which require a specific mandatory uniform;
  • Jeans are not allowed;
  • Slippers are not allowed;
  • Students across all grades may wear sneakers of any colour.