Manifesto Escola Eleva

We are Eleva: A School With Big Windows Open to Life 

Our school delivers a full-time education to students, from Kindergarten to High school, in two languages – Portuguese, our mother tongue, and English, the language that connects the world. For us, there is no contradiction in saying that we are a Brazilian bilingual school.

Tradition with Innovation

Tradition with Innovation

We are Eleva, a school that combines tradition with innovation. We believe in the joy of learning and know that learning requires discipline. We embrace our differences, respect individuality and promote collaboration.

We are Eleva, a school where dreams are made real. Towards that end, we offer a tailored education, whereby the measure of our success is academic excellence. Strong teaching - associated with new practices, new tools and new knowledge - connects what the students learn with how they live. Theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to get good results on ENEM or gain admission to the best universities in Brazil and the rest of the world.

Para alcançar sucesso na vida, é preciso mais.

Success in Life

To achieve success in life, one needs more.

Proactivity, perseverance, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and curiosity are all essential to personal and professional accomplishment. Humanities, Mathematics, Arts and Technology subjects can, and should, address themes, including: Identity and Diversity; Ethics and Justice; Health and Education; Environment and Sustainable Development; and Society and Culture.

The School is equipped with modern laboratories, purpose-built for scientific research. Students learn in versatile classrooms and libraries, designed to create an environment for academic excellence while providing an enjoyable environment to study, work with peers and indulge in reading - just a few of our many passions.

We are committed to developing young people who are proactive and able to make a difference in their own lives. Learners are encouraged to build a world with less economic inequality for a more balanced environment that upholds a higher level of social justice.

Eleva. The School of the Global Brazilian citizen.

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